Revd Canon Robin Gamble – Our Vicar at Holy Trinity Idle

Robin Gamble Vicar

Rev Canon Robin Gamble, Holy Trinity Idle

Revd Canon Robin Gamble

Robin Gamble is a local Bradfordian. Three times he has removed himself from the city and each time he has returned to walk its hills, support its football team, paint its landscapes, read its literature and to eat its curries and fish n’ chips.

More than anything else, however, Robin is here, with his wonderful wife Maureen, to help build a local thriving, growing church, and to share the amazing Good News of Jesus with the whole city.

“My vision for Holy Trinity church is that we are first and foremost a warm welcoming family. I’d like to think that everyone and anyone can walk in through the door whether they are looking for personal help, just a friendly cup of tea or perhaps for a deeper spiritual truth. ¬†We are a family,¬†hopefully with lots of love to share but more than this with lots of God to share too.”

As well as being vicar of Holy Trinity, he is also the Bishop’s advisor in growing the church. He has authored various books and booklets, produced the ‘START’ course, and heads up the nationally acknowledged ‘Leading Your Church Into Growth’ project.

Robin Gamble

A devoted Bradford City fan

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