Electoral Roll – Holy Trinity Idle

What is the Electoral Roll?

The electoral roll is the basic membership list for our church. Putting your name and details on the roll is a way of saying ‘I belong here’ ‘I am part of the family’. To come onto the roll you have to be 16 years of age and be a regular worshipper. Being on the roll gives you a say in everything we do as a church and a chance to elect Church Officers and PCC Members.  Download, print off and complete this form and then bring it into church for the attention Electoral Roll Officer.

What’s happening?

In order to maintain the validity of the roll, it is completely renewed every six years. This means that all members have to re-apply for membership or else their names will be deleted.

Why is it important?

By joining the electoral roll, you are making a firm commitment to Holy Trinity.

You are saying,
‘I belong here’,
‘I want to participate here’,
’I am one of the family’.

Here you can find God, find
friendship and find yourself.

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